Station 307Eastgate Fire Department was organized in 1981. It was originally organized to provide fire protection to the Eastgate subdivision. However, over the years has expanded through the process of annexation from less than one (1) square mile to the present eight (8) square miles. Eastgate Fire Department provides fire protection, haz-mat response, rescue and ALS emergency medical services, vehicle rescue (extrication). Common fire emergencies include structure fires, brush fires, and car fires/extrication. Common medical emergencies include heart attack, car accidents, respiratory difficulty, seizures and ill persons. Eastgate in efforts to help our neighbors and the surrounding communities assist several other fire/rescue agencies through a system called Mutual Aid. Locally Lewis and Clark Rural Fire (an organization of most of the fire department in Lewis and Clark County) has developed a position of Fire Coordinator that can be activated at any time. The fire departments have developed a run card system or call out/down. Run cards are used by the fire departments, fire coordinator, and 9-1-1 dispatch. Eastgate Fire Department is a member of Montana Mutual Aid and hosts the semi-annual meetings at the fire station. This is a system that provides a timely measured response to a request for help. We encourage any fire department in the state of Montana to join and provide mutual aid to any requesting entity.

We are dispatched to emergencies through and enhanced 9-1-1 system. An Emergency Call means we will run Code 3, lights and sirens. Code 3 means emergency response in an emergency vehicle. When an emergency vehicle is driving with its lights flashing and the siren going that means it’s going Code 3 to an emergency somewhere. Someone needs help quickly. When an emergency vehicle is heard and/or seen, drivers should carefully pull their vehicle to the right of the road and stop. If they are at an intersection, or stopped in traffic when they see lights or hear a siren, drivers should remain stopped and wait until the emergency vehicles have passed. Do not make quick or erratic maneuvers. The law is very specific; drivers must yield the right-of-way to an emergency vehicle. Drivers also should stay 500 feet behind emergency vehicles. Fire apparatus will be placed to protect firefighters and other emergency responders at the scene of an incident, tragically, sometimes emergency crews have been hit and killed by passing vehicles. Be careful when driving by or around a motor vehicle accident or any situation where emergency vehicles are parked and the firefighters are working. Resist the impulse to “rubber-neck”. This can cause additional collisions.

Eastgate VFD is a political subdivision of Lewis and Clark County. It operates under MCA 7-33-2104 as a fire district and derives its budget by and 11.4-mill tax levy assessed on real property within the boundaries of the district.