ISO Rating

Current ISORating: 6 effective December 01, 2018

Through the Public Protection Classification (PPCTM) program, Insurance Services Organization, ISO, evaluates municipal fire-protection efforts in communities throughout the United States. A community’s investment in fire mitigation is a proven and reliable predictor of future fire losses. So insurance companies use PPC information to help establish fair premiums for fire insurance — generally offering lower premiums in communities with better protection. Many communities use the PPC as a benchmark for measuring the effectiveness of their fire-protection services. In each ISO analyzes the relevant data using a Fire Suppression Rating Schedule. A Public Protection Classification is then assigned, ranging from 1 to 10. Class 1 represents exemplary public protection, and Class 10 indicates that the area’s fire-suppression program doesn’t meet ISO’s minimum criteria. The PPC program is also a tool that helps communities plan for, budget, and justify improvements.