Support Montana Firefighters Plate

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The Support Montana Firefighter’s plate is open to anyone! There are no special forms or authorizations needed to purchase the plate. Funds derived from the sale of the plate will go to help MONTANA FIREFIGHTERS. These funds are for Montana’s firefighters and will remain in Montana to help support our firefighters through things like Montana Mutual Aid, training, scholarships, etc.

Organizational Sample Plate Orders

The organization has to order sample plates by sending a letter on the organization’s letterhead. The letter should will include:

  1. Number of plates wanted (from requestor)
  2. What is wanted on each plate. Example: AAA000 (requestor will have to provide this information to the organization)
  3. Address where plate is to be shipped (person requesting, if no address is included the plate will be shipped to the organizations address)
  4. The organization will include in the request the appropriate amount of money for each plate ($10) made out to MCE (Montana Correctional Enterprises).
  5. The letter and the check will be mailed to:
    Attn: Supply Dept.
    Title and Registration Bureau
    1003 Buckskin Drive
    Deer Lodge, MT 59722
  6. At this time there is no additional cost for the plate.

Questions? Call (406) 431-2458