The Support Montana Firefighter’s plate is open to anyone! There are no special forms or authorizations needed to purchase the plate. Funds derived from the sale of the plate will go to help MONTANA FIREFIGHTERS. These funds are for Montana’s firefighters and will remain in Montana to help support our firefighters through things like Montana Mutual Aid, training, scholarships, etc.

The process for requesting a sample plate is to contact Eastgate VFD at:

3895 Buttercup
P.O. Box 735
East Helena, MT 59635-0735

Reference Support Montana Firefighters Plate.

Each plate will cost $20.  $10 for the cost of the plate and $10 donation to support Montana Firefighters.

You will need to send us the $20 per plate so we can order the plate using your information per the below instructions:

  • Sample plates can be ordered with or personalized (max of 6 ½ letters). Each plate will have the word sample visible on the plate.
  • We cannot do dots or dashes, the * would indicate a half space, a space would be a full space, the ampersand can be used and would appear as s will appear on the plate as a 0.

The organization will send your information to Department of Corrections with a request from our organization with our organizational letterhead and payment for the printing of the plates ($10 each).  Once the plate(s) are received they will be mailed out to you.

You can also review the license plate information found on Department of Justice’s  website

Questions? Call (406) 431-2458

  • Posted on: September 11, 2010
  • Categories: News